After suffering a life-threatening embolism, celebrated documentarian Nicolas Philibert found himself under the care of nurses and other health professionals.

La Chaque Instant, which translates as Each and Every Day, follows trainee nurses as they undergo their studies at the Institut de la Croix Saint-Simon in Montreuil . The film is a project Philibert had imagined long before his experience of serious ill- health, but his desire to fulfil his ambition was strengthened by the dedicated care he received.

At the Institut, nurses learn all aspects of health care, from the proper method of hand-washing to administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation. As the film progresses along with their professional development, the laughter and excitement of the early days of learning transform into quiet seriousness as the care of patients becomes each student’s focus.

This film is an engaging tribute to an often overlooked but vital healthcare profession that touches the lives of a great many people throughout the world.