This film is coming to you by the special grace of God! There have been several near successful attempts by the powers of darkness to stop it, because of it's great expositions!

Ulster Film Office does not shirk it’s sacred responsibilities. As well as presenting the finest in classic secular cinema we also mean to enlighten the souls of our audience with important religious works. And say what you want about the Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministeries of Nigeria, you certainly can’t deny their singular and inimitable film making skills. This is why we choose END OF THE WICKED, their astonishing and frightening cautionary discourse on the danger of exposing our children to the curse of  black magic. Through the use of verité acting, literate screenplay and cutting edge special effects God’s Holy Words of Warning are brought alive to the screen in terrifying but ultimately uplifting and edifying living colour.

So come join us for an evening of fearsome cinematic praise! Halle-whooooooh-jah!!