We want you on Team Zissou! If the answer’s yes (it’s got to be) get yourself a red cap and a Speedo and join us on board the Belfast Barge. a night of oceanographic adventure, film, music and dancing awaits!

For one night we’re turning the barge into the Belafonte, Capt. Steve Zissou’s legendary vessel, to celebrate Wes Anderson’s eccentric marine world with a screening of ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’. So come in your best red beanie or full Team Zissou blue uniform, join the crew and unpaid interns and find out once and for all if that Jaguar Shark really exists…

After the film the night continues with DJ Calypso playing some Andersonian records at The Esteban du Plantier Memorial Disco. And the scientific purpose of all this is, of course, revenge.


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