This two-hour illustrated seminar will explore how documentary filmmakers represent the memories, testimonies, and stories that inhabit the post-conflict city, especially in relation to Belfast, Bilbao, and Sarajevo.

Laura Aguiar will reflect on her research with the Prisons Memory Archive and her new film We Were There (2014), which is also being screened during the Festival. Rob Stone will discuss his recent documentary Basque Heritage Cinema (2013), and Benjamin Halligan will be discussing Želimir Zilnik’s Tito Among the Serbs for the Second Time (1993), and the relevance of the questions it poses twenty years after its original release.

Laura is a filmmaker and PhD candidate, currently based at Queen’s University, Belfast, where she is working with the Prisons Memory Archive. Rob is Professor of European Film at the University of Birmingham where he directs B-Film: The Birmingham Centre for Film Studies; he has written widely on many aspects of Spanish cinema and culture, and is currently co-authoring a book on Basque cinema with María Pilar Rodríguez (to be published by IB Tauris in 2015). Ben is the Director of Postgraduate Research Studies for the College of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Salford; in addition to writing on ex-Yugoslav cinemas, Ben has published widely on horror cinema and contemporary popular music.

This event is being organised by the Cities of Memory Research Project in partnership with Belfast Film Festival. Cities of Memory has been awarded British academy funding to develop methods and resources for studying the role of the performing and media arts in post-conflict cities, and regions. Further details about the project are available at: