Am Dram liminal porn or An 8-part prepocolyptic triptych in D minor

This epic and disturbing saga cannot be adequately summarised, but by way of an attempt, it concerns the Pollard family  calmly discussing their impending death by atom bomb when Mrs. Pollard recounts a dream in which she sensually bathes herself in the “Tears of Neglected Children”.
Daughter Pam goes to the Psycho Sexual Burn-Ward (the bathroom) and reads the Koran on the toilet. Pam then gives birth to an egg (“this is so hot”) and a piece of raw steak which she names Mr. Peterson. Mrs. Pollard and Pam then hatch a plan to convince their patriarch to return to the womb.
“I didn’t want to have a family, I wanted to murder the president. I wanted to use his blood to oil the machinery of capitalism.” The atom bomb drops but the adventure continues as they re-emerge in God’s womb, reincarnated as a different set of amateur porn actors…
Director Vernon Chatman discovered the existence of “websites whereupon one can hire professional porn production companies to do the sick and custom bidding of your panting loins’ darkest yearn.” He chose four different custom-porn-making sites, and submitted segments of a highly detailed script, or as he called it, his “purest truths”, to each of them.
Showing at BFF’s BeanBag Cinema, 23 Donegall Street, Belfast