Carmel Winters’ second feature revolves around a young Irish woman and aspiring boxer and her father, who has just been released from prison in 1960s Ireland.

A gifted fighter, Frances idolises Muhammad Ali and deliberately starts fires in haystacks just so that she can punch them out again. But according the the traditions of her traveller community, at fifteen, she is ready to be married, handing over control of her life and finances to a man who “will give you a few bob if you behave.” a gloriously unruly collision of vivid romanticism and tough, unsentimental truths about the hardscrabble lives and casual discrimination faced by Irish travellers.
With its crowdpleasing combination of girl power and heart-swellingly lovely Irish traditional songs (the film shares producers with the similarly musicpowered Once and Sing Street), this is a picture with considerable potential for word-of-mouth, break out.


A fabulous, organic mix of traditional Irish song, boxing and female emancipation