Attention alien spacecraft sex fetishists!

Grab your dirty raincoat and Kleenex and scamper furtively to the Beanbag Cinema on October 2nd for a feast of highest quality full frontal flying saucer pornography in the form of John Coats’ eye boggling FOES.

This ultimate expression of the 20th Century pre X Files UFO mythos will whip you in to a writhing frenzy of disc shaped lust as you witness centrefold after centrefold of the most breath taking and unearthly airborne technology ever filmed.

These jaw dropping money shots of science fiction mystery are at the centre of Coat’s sparse, sinister and quasi inept mood capsule of coastline dread, daylight abduction, government surveillance, sonic attack and intriguingly oblique and inhuman photoelectric extraterrestrial phantoms.

No finer UFO science fiction horror anomaly wank fodder exists – secure your back row wipe clean beanbag now.