How does one begin to describe a film about which the less you know the better? So strange and unexpected is this film that even the most straightforward synopsis might be considered a spoiler.

Some genre films are enjoyable to watch but leave no trace in the brain’s synapses, whereas others dig deeper, playing with fantasy elements to address issues that matter in the real world, where mythical creatures (and superheroes for that matter) don’t exist. Clara is a quiet nurse with a thin résumé from the outskirts of São Paulo. When she’s hired by high-class and seemingly sheltered Ana to be a nanny for her unborn child, the two develop a surprising relationship.

Ana’s increasingly strange behavior, including an intense hunger for meat, leads to a fateful night that changes Clara’s life forever. The genre-bending twists and pleasures of Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra’s latest feature are better experienced than told.


A hybrid of art-house and genre cinema, combining sharp social commentary with grand guignol fantasy.
“Good Manners” is an ambitious work not only in scope but design, in uenced by Jacques Tourneur’s psychological horror noirs.”