The first film adaptation of James Hilton’s British school saga, Goodbye Mr Chips is a genuine Hollywood classic.

Despite competition from Gone with the Wind, The Four Feathers and The Wizard of Oz (all 1939) the film won a Best Actor Oscar for Robert Donat and six further major nominations. Donat is superb as a beloved public-school Latin teacher in an episodic tale spanning 1870 -1933. From initially incompetent young teacher, he meets his wife (well played by Greer Garson) during an extended idyll in Austria, only to endure the horror of former pupils becoming victims of the Great War.


"The original inspirational-teacher story, and a beloved valentine to classical education, tradition, and the English public boarding schools of a bygone era."
"Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939) is the classic, sentimental tale of much-loved British schoolteacher guiding many generations of schoolboys through almost 60 years "