Legendary director Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film is one of the great retellings of the story of Christ, a cinematic rendering which is both passionate and poetic.

With stunning black-and-white photography, an eclectic soundtrack (Odetta, Bach, a Congolese mass), and using a cast of non-professionals who’s dialogue drawn directly from scripture, The Gospel According to Matthew depicts the key events in the life of Christ, from immaculate conception to death on the cross. Vaunted by the Vatican as one of its select few recommended films, acclaimed by the Archbishop of Canterbury as a “great film”, and revered by critics and audiences alike, Pasolini’s Oscar, Golden Lion and BAFTA nominated film remains a magnificent, awe-inspiring experience.

Pasolini discovers the spiritual and the epic in the everyday. His Christ is a fiercely political figure, whose attacks on hypocrisy and social injustice guarantee him an early death.


"A fierce magnesium flame of a movie."
"Cinema’s most impressive biblical movie to date."
"Superb in every way, and possibly the film-maker’s best. "