A school yard classic. Gangly, awkward teenager Gregory falls head over heels for school soccer star Dorothy, But the course of true love never did run smooth.

Bill Forsyth’s “Gregory’s Girl” is a charming, innocent, very funny movie about the weird kid. Gregory (Gordon John Sinclair), a gangling adolescent who has started to shoot up all of a sudden and finds he is hopelessly uncoordinated on the soccer field.

Gregory looks sort of like an immensely likable stork. He loses his place on the soccer team to another student who is a good deal faster and more coordinated. The other student happens to be a girl. Her name is Dorothy, and Gregory instantly falls deeply in love with her.

Gregory’s Girl has all of the gentle charm and quirky, unsentimental emotion (not to mention a befuddled person dressed as a penguin) that most Hollywood teen films lacked in the ensuing two decades. Forsyth’s tale features a group of teens who actually seem like real people rather than idealized icons as they humorously muddle through the trials of adolescence. Breathing new life into the age-old high school concerns with sports and love. An award-winning success in the U.K. and deemed “irresistible” by The New York Times.