As part of out TV Eye we present Irish premiere of Norway’s answer to Twin Peaks. Your chance to see the entire first season.

Seven of Norway’s finest directors team up for Tommy Wirkola’s fusion of Hot Fuzz and Twin Peaks. A seven part TV series from the director of Dead Snow and a delightfully surreal descent Into Norway’s fishy north.

Please do not ask Sergeant Salmander about Gunnar. He loved that horse dearly and nobody feels worse about what happened to Salmander’s noble steed than Salmander himself. Yes, he understands that there were children present at the Independence Day parade who may require significant, long term counseling to come to terms with what they witnessed that fateful day but still, he feels bad, okay?

The distinctive – and distinctively odd – world of Hellfjord could only have come from the mind of one man, writer-producer. The seven episode television series introduces a world just slightly out of synch with the one you may know – a world where family restaurants double as strip clubs, the average age is sixty seven and the sun never, ever goes down. Wirkola and his all star team of directors have created a world that falls into the sweet spot between Hot Fuzz and Twin Peaks.

Bring your own coffee-donuts etc..