In 2011, law and order was restored by military operation in the Hill of Pleasures slum in Rio de Janeiro. The Police Pacification Unit became the tool of Brazil’s new policy of conquering citizenship. So how do residents of the Hill and policemen deal with this new situation?

Director Maria Augusta Ramos will be in attendance to introduce the film.

In Hill of Pleasures, director Maria Augusta Ramos looks at this new situation in Rio from the perspective of six main characters: the local postman, a teenager with a history of involvement in drug dealing, a bookseller and three police officers – the Captain responsible for the UPP Unit of the Hills, the Commanding officer of all UPPs and a patrolling policeman.

There are no interviews or voice overs. The camera observes how the characters live, think and interact with each other.

The story of The Hill of Pleasures is also the story of contemporary Brazil. A country with a fast growing economy but also a country with huge problems and a past so violent its wounds still haven’t healed properly. On the Hill, the mutual mistrust has not disappeared by a long shot.