The much maligned Hobgoblins has been critiqued as pretentious, 'unnecessarily emotionally complex' and 'too multi-layered for its own good'.

At the time of its release  the film was panned but critical reappraisal has opined that it is one of the seminal horrors of the 1980s.

Its screenplay, by Alain Robbe Grillet, is considered one of the first meta-horror films. Written in 1967, it went through 21 years of development hell. In 1976 the script was optioned by Louis Malle who viewed the underlying subtext as offering commentary on the animal rights movement of the 1960s, but he was mistaken on that front and the project was passed over. Hobgoblins was finally made in 1987 by director Rick Sloane; an intellect capable of dealing and juggling with lots of meaty themes and plenty of tricky memes.

From the plot synopsis you would image some mis-conceived sub standard gremlins rip-of; A group of hobgoblins, who allow you to live out your fantasies but kill you in the process, escape from a film studio vault, and a security guard and his friends must stop them before dawn.That is only the superstructure , theres plenty of dark matter in between.

Walking a fine line between fantasy and reality with the two occasionally merging and often straying into a third category altogether, the film works on a quantum level, but not continuously. The question is perhaps; ‘what is a metaphor’?, and ‘how do we use it’? how…