“A human being who doesn’t one day blow a fuse is mad”. These are the words of Sullivan Damien David, whose triple forename bears the mark of a painful family past.

Filmed over a period of one year of life inside SNARK, a boarding school for troubled youths, La Louvière is a self-managing project for non-repressive education. It is an inside view on the youths’ antisocial behavior and the staff’s difficult balancing act. Students/ staff relationships wear to a frazzle. The need for repair is constant. All counseling is fraught with tensions, which can explode anytime.

As seasons pass, academic failure, violence and provocations reveal themselves for what they are: symptoms of scarred childhoods and family conflicts.Steering clear of caricature, The Hunting of the Snark films the challenge of containing the boarders’ violence with a non-repressive approach. ‘Here, if there are no insults’, a young Angèle points out, ‘there’s no dialogue’.

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