A film that joyfully defies classification, Innocence Unprotected reassembles footage of the first Serbian talkie, a 1941 melodrama, from which it takes its name.

The original film, which was made under German occupation, has been tinted by Makavejev and interrupted with inserted interviews with the original cast, Nazi propaganda film and newsreel footage. Makavejev questions the authenticity of the archival film and re-presents the debate concerning the role of film in national identity: the acrobat at the centre of the melodrama (played by the film director – also himself a real life acrobat) performs feats of human resistance against oppressing forces and becomes a metaphor for Makavejev’s challenge to dominant historical narratives and opposing political ideologies of nation state identity.

Niamh McDonnell will introduce the film and speak about how Makavejev’s approach to working with archive film has informed her approach to curating the Diagrams show currently on exhibition at QSS Gallery until November 14th. For details see www.on-off-states.com 

'Innocence Unprotected' screening image

Upcoming Diagrams events:

Fugue is a  show of new work by Craig Donald on exhibition at Ulster University 22/10/15 – 21/11/15. Guest curated by Niamh McDonnell, Fugue continues Craig’s work displayed in the Diagrams exhibition currently on at QSS. Two wall installations are displayed simultaneously in separate city locations to create a counterpoint between different articulations of the diagram that play with compositional arrangements of visual elements.