To mark International Women’s Day, we celebrate the work of Maria Irene Fornes- "America's Great Unknown Playwright." When she stops writing due to dementia, a friendship with a writer reignites her visionary creative spirit, triggering a film collaboration that picks up where the pen left off.

Pioneering avant-garde playwright and director Maria Irene Fornes may be better known for her relationship with Susan Sontag but she is considered, by some, to be one of the most influential playwrights and teachers of the 20th century.  A chance meeting with documentary filmmaker Michelle Memran leads to a tender and inspiring portrait of Irene’s later years as she faces the challenges of memory loss, in much the same way she lived her life; with humour, creativity, style and sass.

Throughout their developing working relationship, Fornes mentors Memran, guiding her through the same creative process she applied to her own work, encouraging vulnerability, transparency and creative free-thinking. An inspiring lesson in the way of the artist.


A fine ode to the excitement that Off Off Broadway theater once generated, and a wistful look at an ailing artist as she contemplates her life.
An inspiring documentary on Maria Irene Fornes, the groundbreaking playwright, director and teacher. Filmed over years, the filmmaker/subject relationship transforms to true friendship. The film is a celebration of the undying artistic spirit.