To celebrate our 20th year we are delving back into the archives. In 2018 Belfast Film Festival welcomed Ken Loach to Northern Ireland and award him for his Outstanding Contribution to Cinema.

“I wish I was a bit younger because there are still so many stories to tell”.

Ken Loach, the UK’s foremost political filmmaker (I, Daniel BlakeThe Wind That Shakes the Barley and Sweet Sixteen), was welcomed to Northern Ireland to take part in multiple public Q&A’s and receive the Réalta Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cinema.

The Réalta award, Irish for ‘star’, was created with a desire to honour ground-breaking filmmakers and actors who use their medium for the greater good. Ken‘s huge body of work addresses a wide range of contemporary social and political issues that resonate both locally and internationally, making him a very worthy recipient of the Realta award.

Hugh Odling-Smee spoke with Ken about his life, his career in film and television and his political convictions to a sold out screen in the Movie House. Ken then took questions from the audience before being presented with the prestigious Réalta award.

You can watch the Q&A in full above, complete with clips from his filmography and the presentation of the Réalta award!