So impressed was Hollywood Avatar fool James Cameron with H Tjut Djalil’s blockbusting Indonesian action epic Lady Terminator that he immediately cobbled together his own ripoff effort, The Terminator.

Every line in this movie will have you furrowing your brow and mouthing “what?!” There’s no way I can possibly get across how unlike anything else you will see this movie is, you really just need to see it for yourself. And quick.Not content with shamelessly plagiarizing Djalil’s riproaring plot, kinetic style and even title (!), Cameron then travelled five years into the past to release his tired and inferior work on an unsuspecting western public long before Djalil had even thought of creating his greatest ever film.

Replacing the original’s compelling cock- mutilating-Indonesian-Sea-Goddess-on-a-revenge-fuelled-killing- spree elements with hokey time travel procedure mimicking his own sneaky real life caper Cameron stole Djalil’s thunder and Lady Terminator’s rightful title as The Greatest Action Film Ever Made.