A wonderfully alive behind-the-music chronicle that rescues two genuine mavericks from the footnotes of rock history.

James D. Cooper’s celebratory documentary traces the roots of The Who via its affectionate portrait of the idiosyncratic management team that helped define the band.Is it too sweeping a statement to say Lambert & Stamp instantly earns a place in the pantheon of great music docs? Who cares, let’s just go ahead and say it. This wildly entertaining account of the genesis and rise of The Who gives due acknowledgement to Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, who are described by Roger Daltrey as the band’s fifth and sixth members.

James D. Cooper’s rollicking film is a heady return to Swinging Sixties England at the height of the Mod explosion that’s packed with archival material and killer tunes. It’s also a vigorous testament to the rewards of creative collaboration, shining a spotlight on two highly unorthodox, self invented rock entrepreneurs.