Let the Corpses Tan is a wicked distillation of action cinema’s core cinematographic ingredients (from crash zooms to whip pans), now radically redeployed for maximum visceral impact and delivered like a celluloid shotgun blast to the synapses.

The Mediterranean summer: blue sea, blazing sun… and 250kg of gold stolen by Rhino and his gang! They had found the perfect hideout: an abandoned and remote hamlet now taken over by a woman artist in search for inspiration. Unfortunately surprise guests and two cops compromise their plan: the heavenly place where wild happenings and orgies used to take place turns into a gruesome battlefield… relentless and mind-blowing.


A fetishistic, ultra-violent exploitation flick that’s all kinds of artistic and exciting when it comes to midnighter execution(s).
Let the Corpses Tan might be the best 1970s Italian crime thriller never made.