A solitary man discovers audio frequencies that open the human mind wide to hypnotic suggestion in this slyly deadpan dark comedy from Sweden.

Robert lives a solitary and lonely life. His sneering wife and disdainful son drive him into his own head and the secure comforts of his basement lair where he pursues his private experiments with audio frequencies. It’s all harmless curiosity until one day he has an unexpected success, stumbling across a frequency that appears to open the mind to hypnotic suggestions.

Play the sound, say what you want, and watch it happen. And what Robert wants is to be friends – and perhaps more – with his new neighbours.


Tublen’s script showcases the same dry wit that made his debut a hit on the international festival circuit while his gifted ensemble delivers quality performances across the board. ‘LFO’ is a sterling entry into the ongoing new wave of indie science fiction, films that prove you don’t necessarily need big budgets to bring big ideas to life, provided you have a sure voice and a good dose of talent.