The dream-like, 3D noir from Chinese director Bi Gan follows a solitary man as he attempts to track down a past lover.

Bi Gan’s ambitious and frequently astonishing film firmly establishes him as one of today’s most exciting and adventurous filmmakers. As its English title suggests, this ravishing and rapturous fever dream of a film leads the viewer on a nocturnal, labyrinthine voyage, one that both reveals and conceals a world of passion and intrigue.
Bi cites a bevy of influences: the novels of Roberto Bolaño and the film recalls the landmark cinema of Wong Kar-wai, David Lynch, and Andrei Tarkovsky.
With talismanic cues and motifs of uncanny doubling, the film is bisected, with its first half recast through a vertiginous, trance-inducing, hour-long single take in 3D. A hushed, hypnotic study of hazy memory, lost time, and one of the most exquisite and beguiling films of the year.