Belfast Folk Horror Club presents Australian nature-in-revolt classic Long Weekend.

Director Colin Eggleston’s (Doctor Who, BMX Bandits) story introduces us to toxic urbanites Peter (John Hargreaves) and Marcia (Briony Behetts), taking a camping trip to the Bush in an effort to save their ailing marriage. But their bitterness and passive aggression is sublimated into a callous disregard for the wilderness that surrounds them, and eventually nature starts to fight back!

Writer Everett de Roche’s (Patrick, Road Games) evocative eco-horror is a cautionary tale, an Australian Struwwelpeter (Strewth-welpeter?) – the protagonist’s bad behaviour is rewarded with protracted and inescapable death. The tension is ratcheted up throughout, as is an eerie sense of otherness – the couple are haunted by the keening of some phantom sea beast, always just on the edge of perception.

Despite the poetic irony of the character’s ultimate fate the director’s message is clear: we are fleas on Mother Nature’s back – she flicks us off for her sport!