As part of the 17th Belfast Film Festival, AMINI is proud to present a screening of the work of Matthew Noel-Tod followed by a Q&A with the director.

…it becomes obvious that Noel-Tod’s practice is about cycles. The cycle of a piece of information recurring through something as insular as art history, like a Latin palindrome, dropped here in reference to Debord’s film of the same name, or Cerith Wyn Evan’s 2006 neon sign, or the cycle of life through the trilogy of works – sex and birth, coming of age and adolescence, death and purgatory. Most potent across Noel-Tod’s practice,though, is the cyclical oppressive nature of the capitalist object and its appropriation into popular culture, and more specifically into the arts. Using the visual language of advertising and marketing the artist animates, re-animates and anthropomorphises the object as both conceptual and post-conceptual so that Gaultier’s bottles, Koon’s Balloon Dog and Trump’s globe become central protagonists in the unfolding and daedalian drama that, literally, encircles them.
Nick Warner Art Monthly March 2014.

Jetzt Im Kino (2003) 11mins,
Foreign Actors (2006) 46 mins,
Castle 3.0 (2011) 9 mins
Bang! (2012) 24 mins.