As part of a new interdisciplinary, cross-border initiative, the Mental Health & the Arts series presents: THE LONG-TERM IMPACT OF CHILDHOOD TRAUMA ON ADULT MENTAL & PHYSICAL HEALTH.

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RESILIENCE is a one-hour documentary that delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the subsequent birth of a new movement to treat and prevent Toxic Stress.

Now understood to be one of the leading causes of everything from heart disease and cancer to substance abuse and depression, extremely stressful experiences in childhood can alter brain development and have lifelong effects on health and behaviour. “The child may not remember, but the body remembers.”

The original research was controversial, but the findings revealed the most important public health findings of a generation. However, as experts and practitioners profiled in RESILIENCE are proving, what’s predictable is preventable.

This public screening and discussion will focus on the long-term psychological, emotional, physical and social impact of childhood trauma on the adult. We will be considering how trauma works psychically (in terms of the mind and the body, the individual) and socially (within the context of the community, the group). Trauma can be large or small, a single devastating event or a cumulative set of experiences occurring over a long period of time.

After the screening, five professionals will respond briefly to the film from their areas of expertise. These professionals work in the fields of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Physiotherapy, General Medicine, Social Work, and Documentary Filmmaking. Respondents include Dr Olive Buckley OBE, Ms Lynda Graham, Mr Michael McGibbon, Dr Jolene Mairs Dyer and Mr Christian van der Merwe. Dr Noreen Giffney will chair the responses. The audience will then be invited to engage in a facilitated discussion on the topic, which will be chaired by Dr Maggie Long.

This event is open to all. It will be of particular interest to Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Physiotherapists, GPs, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nurses, Social Workers and other healthcare professionals, as well as academics and students working in the aforementioned fields. Practitioners in the visual arts and film, as well as academics and students in these fields with an interest in mental health, will also find something of interest here.

This event is co-sponsored by the Centre for Media Research at Ulster University and the Belfast Film Festival. For further details about the event, contact the organisers:, and

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“ engrossing study of how Adverse Childhood Experiences (or ACEs) can be linked to destructive behavior and medical diseases.”