Winner of the Grand Prize at Cannes’ Semaine de la Critique, Oliver Laxe’s mesmerizing, minimalist “Eastern western” follows a caravan transporting the body of a sheik to his remote resting place in the perilous wilderness of the Moroccan desert.

Shot against the backdrop of Morocco’s staggering Atlas Mountains,  Mimosas seems to take place at some strange intersection of the ancient and modern worlds. A young, wild-eyed preacher (Shakib Ben Omar) is summoned from the city to join a caravan escorting a dying sheik to a medieval city, where he is to be buried. When the sheik dies en route and members of the convoy refuse to traverse the treacherous terrain, the young man assumes command of the reduced expedition and leads them on towards their distant goal. As they navigate the simultaneously sublime and perilous landscape and face tests of will, faith, and endurance, the men discover the wages of fear. (TIFF)

[Laxe’s ]…understanding of the country’s language, culture and, above all, its sun-blasted landscape shines brightly in every frame. THR