Mindhorn stars Julian Barratt as Richard Thorncroft, an actor who enjoyed brief fame in the 1980s playing a TV detective who fights criminals with a bionic eyepatch that can literally “see the truth.”

Fast-forward 25 years and he is now a paunchy, balding, increasingly desperate washed-up actor living in poverty in London.

But fate hands Thorncroft a bizarre chance at redemption when a mentally unbalanced fugitive killer on the Isle of Man, Melly (Russell Tovey), contacts police officer DC Baines (Andrea Riseborough) and demands to negotiate with Mindhorn himself. Obsessed with the TV show since childhood, Melly has come to believe the fictional detective is real, and can help prove his innocence. Thorncroft arrives on the island in high spirits, hoping to boost his profile and rekindle his relationship with his beautiful- once- onscreen/offscreen flame Patricia Deville (Essie Davis) who is still in the Isle of Man, employed as a local TV journalist, happily married to a man who was once Thorncroft’s stuntman.

Inevitably, his plans unravel as ancient grievances, bad habits and murderous subplots muddy the waters.



Mindhorn is rated 15 by the BBFC (strong language, drug misuse)


There are such great gags, and it is acted with such fanatical gusto by Barratt that it’s impossible not to root for this unlikeliest of heroes.
All hail Julian Barratt, star of this exceptional – and exceptionally silly – British character comedy.
Mindhorn is a cult comedy classic in waiting and is almost certainly the strongest contender for funniest film of 2017.