The spirit of Alfred Hitchcock hovers over this lusciously designed psychological thriller set in 1960s Brussels. Two neighboring suburban housewives are best friends — until a tragic accident breaks the harmony between their clans, and paranoia and distrust take hold.

Love thy neighbour as thyself. Belgian director Olivier Masset-Depasse’s third feature will put you on the edge of your seat – and keep you reaching frequently for your martini glass. Alice and Céline share a special bond. Each living on one side of a stately suburban semi-detached home, their two families almost live like one.

But when tragedy strikes, relationships are tested and a crippling sense of paranoia sets in. Placed in a Mad Men-like 1960s milieu, with exquisite production design and a luscious, ultra-saturated colour palette. The bourgeois setting is perfect for the film’s cautionary tale.


These perfect housewives serve each other passive aggression like petits fours and protestations of affection like they’re macarons iced with arsenic.