Set across three decades and two continents, Mountains May Depart is an a affecting tale of social upheaval in modern day China.

Another ambitious and elegiac portrait of societal change and fading Chinese values, this latest epic from director Jia Zhangke (Still Life) is told in three narrative chunks, set in 1999, 2014 and 2025. Each is built on the initially bittersweet love triangle between slick neoliberal super-capitalist Zhang (Yi Zhang), hardworking blue-collar traditionalist Liangzi (Jin Dong Liang) and the alluring object of their desires: singer, dancer and Pet Shop Boys fan Shen Tao.

Jia remains a major lmmaker, and this lm is never less than bold and ambitious.
– Time Out

Jia has often focused on those cast aside by convulsive change; this film, which expands the horizons of both time and space, and follows characters who have been swept up in the modernizing tide, is perhaps his most emotionally direct yet, held together by an enormously moving performance by regular star, Zhao Tao.
– Times