Alex Cox Said: "The performances are all larger than life: particularly noteworthy are Ned Beatty, in the role of Hoover Shoates, and Harry Dean Stanton as Asa Hawks, two sinister phoney evangelists."

Originally broadcast on 26th July, 1992 at 10:40pm.

Set in the Deep South during the postwar era, Brad Dourif is an aimless veteran who decides to become a Bible-thumping preacher (for a questionable concern called “The Church Without Christ”) principally because he hasn’t anything better lined up. Director John Huston himself appears as Dourif’s grandfather. Adapted from the one-of-a-kind novel by Flannery O’Connor.

Ned Beatty was the multinational media mogul in Network, and played the lead in Hear My Song, a film which will never appear on Moviedrome. Harry Dean Stanton has had a long and respectable career playing small parts in Hollywood movies and larger roles in weirdo peripheral movies such as Paris, Texas, Wild at Heart and Repo Man. Wise Blood has a very strange, dark quality, rarely found in modern English-language films.

Southern Gothic at its most vivid and grotesque. With its magnificent central performance from Brad Dourif, this is an unlikely late period triumph from John Huston.