John Butler’s (Handsome Devil) latest comedy/drama sees the filmmaker return to the themes of empathy and unlikely friendship. In this case, the bond forms between a well-heeled, gay presenter and an older, straight, labourer from Mexico.

Set in modern-day Los Angeles, it tells of a down-on-his-luck weatherman who is shaken by the end of a relationship. He has an on-air meltdown, prompting concerned bosses to persuade him to take some time out. To fill his days, he employs a Latino migrant worker to paint his home but also to keep him company. Despite their cultural, age and language differences, they connect in this affecting culture-clash comedy. Butler’s intimate, moving and thoughtful film looks at all the big stuff through the little prism of their growing connection – friendship, class, ethnicity and economic migration.


A touching, humane story of grief, friendship, loss and kindness across language and cultural barriers.