On the edge of a crumbling city, a self appointed patriarch Gregori, played with charisma and menace by Vincent Cassel (La Haine, Black Swan) presides over a sequestered commune of single mothers and their children.

Within their concrete hideaway Gregori teaches the kids how to work as a community, but also trains them to carry out missions into the outside world of a much more deadly nature.

11-year old Alexander (Jeremy Chabriel) is the eldest of all the kids and is Gregori’s favourite. However, after an incident involving a new recruit to the group, Alexander starts to question Gregori’s domineering influence. Threatened by his increasing unwillingness to fall in line, Gregori’s behavior turns erratic and adversarial toward the child he once considered a son. With the two set dangerously at odds and the commune’s way of life disintegrating, the residents fear a violent resolution is at hand.

Kleiman creates a world that’s simultaneously seductive and menacing, utopian and dystopian, in this Sundance award-winning thriller.