Since 2008 Ireland has become a by-word internationally for political passivity and resignation. However, in reality, small groups have attempted to mobilize the public against the bank bailouts austerity.

This documentary, filmed over 12 months by award winning director Donnacha Ó Briain, chronicles the experiences of some of this small group – those who took a stand during one of the most momentous periods in Irish history.

Then film follows the fortunes of some key grassroots initiatives launched by civil society during 2011/12: amongst them the Dublin-based Spectacle of Defiance & Hope with its French Revolution-inspired ‘Books of Grievance’ protest; and the dogged villagers of Ballyhea in North Cork, who started a weekly march against the bondholder payouts in 2011, only to end up at the doors of the ECB in Frankfurt.

Filmed in raw cinema verité, the film charts with immediacy the realities and frustrations of those trying to build a social movement in an age of political indifference and passivity.