German auteur Christian Petzold delivers another superbly crafted, emotionally resonant vehicle for his star Nina Hoss.

Both a powerful allegory for post-war regeneration and a rich Hitchcockian tale of mistaken identity, Phoenix once again proves that German filmmaker Christian Petzold and his favorite star, Nina Hoss, are clearly one of the best director-actor duos working in movies today.

This pared-down, classically helmed period piece uses one woman’s harrowing story to explore Germany’s troubled past, though in this case the setting is post WWII and the heroine is a concentration camp survivor returning to Berlin in search of her lost husband.


A thrilling, seductive game of deception fit for film noir, where lies seek to unearth truths that would rather stay buried. Throughout it all, Petzold concocts images that will sear their way into your memory.
...the movie ends with one of the most memorable and spellbinding final scenes in recent cinema history.