They came downriver in their thousands. Their teeth could strip a living man to the bone in seconds. They’re here... hungry for flesh! Watch this B-Movie classic presented by Banterflix on board the HMS Caroline!

The years following the gargantuan success of Jaws found studios releasing an endless stream of copycat flicks, but it’s generally agreed that producer Roger Corman’s Piranha remains the best of the bunch; even Jaws director Steven Spielberg counts himself among the film’s fans.

The first screenwriting credit for future Oscar nominee John Sayles as well as an early assignment for director Joe Dante (The Howling, Gremlins), Piranha sports a sense of humour to go along with the grisly critter attacks, as a boozy woodsman and a private investigator stumble across a crazed scientist who’s experimenting on a pool full of mutated piranha; along the way, the couple accidentally release the ferocious fish into a nearby river.