Right, so there's no more cat... But now we've got rats. Lots and lots of rats. Ok some rats.

Plus we’ve got a big bunch of twats.
Put them together in mortal kombat and you’ve got Bruno Mattei’s seizure inducing RATS V TWATS deathmatch, RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR, yet another satisfyingly unsatisfying Italian post-nuke gore n’ leather inept-o-thon, now with added rodent.

Can a Milan based Duran Duran tribute band outwit and survive the furry genius of 40 – 50 drugged-then-spray-painted lab rats, casually tossed at them as they prance through a discarded ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA set not quite in time to a driving italo disco soundtrack?

Attend our May 15th screening for full closure.
(Health & Safety and animal protection legislation’s scuppering of our intended ‘live rats released in the theatre’ gimmick means there will now be two hamsters in a cage slightly to the left of the screen. Please bring as many sunflower seeds as you can spare.)