Y2K is approaching fast, but Abbie can’t get off the couch until he beats an unbeatable level on Pac-Man.

It’s the year 1999 and Abbie is going nowhere with his life. He has a fondness for doing crazy endurance challenges, but an inability to finish them. This is a source of great frustration for his brother Cam, until he challenges his brother to the ultimate challenge – beat the high score on Pac-Man by playing the perfect game and completing the fabled level 256. The rules of the challenge are simple – Abbie must complete the game in one sitting and is not allowed to leave his sofa spot for any reason, Abbie accepts, but soon finds himself in a desperate bid for survival, will he even last long enough to reach the Holy level?


With Relaxer shifting from comedic survival story to absurdist horror in its third act, it’s at this point in the story where Potrykus has sold his film to the audience. Relaxer prevails as an unbearable survival story.
A borderline masterpiece of “what the fuck” insanity, films that are simultaneously this absurd and this watchable are a feat.