Adapting Tom McCarthy’s cult novel, artist Omer Fast’s feature debut is a reality- bending psycho-thriller about a young man whose mind gets stuck on repeat.

A wickedly stylish London-set thriller adapted from English novelist Tom McCarthy’s acclaimed novel. A large black box crashes through the sky, landing on an unnamed man’s head (an intense and brooding Tom Sturridge). He spends long months recovering, having lost all memory and sense of self. Bursts of intense déjà vu start to plague him and, after a multi-million pound settlement, he becomes increasingly extravagant in enacting fragments of memory. He buys an apartment block with specific markings; pays animal trainers to pose cats on a roof; hires actors to work as neighbours, and stages a bank robbery repetitively, obsessively. Mirroring the protagonist’s mind and with echoes of Jonathan Glazer and Shane Carruth, Fast offers a narrative that is purposefully obscure, complex and almost certainly not what it seems.


It’s all in the mind. As in ‘Memento’ and ‘Mulholland Drive’ before it, the function and operation of memory beguiles in ‘Remainder’. This noirish, sporadically playful London-set psychological thriller begins as an unidentified object falls from the sky, squashing Tom Sturridge’s nameless protaganist like a bug and providing the starting point for a brisk but esoteric disquisition on identity and trauma.