Currently worth 19 SCARFACEs or 247 FRENCH CONNECTION ll's on the drug squad action thriller stock exchange, Godfrey Ho's glorious ROBO VAMPIRE at first resembles any other Hong-Kong-hopping-vampire-martial-arts mess.

Soon, though, it mutates into another, weightier beast with it’s uncompromising  exposé of the cutthroat, morallly bankrupt world of the narcotics industry and it’s use of the blood sucking undead to police and even quality test it’s evil merchandise.

All this entwined with the cruel fate of a slain drug squad officer reborn as a futuristic, super-science robot-cop battling not only the heroin pushers but also the memories of his failed marriage. Also featuring the heart wrenching agony of doomed love between a racist topless female ghost and cinema’s hairiest fanged flying vampire – at no extra cost!