“Cinematography plus psychoanalysis equals The Science of Ghosts.” Jacques Derrida.

A musician is being interviewed by a film crew about his latest album when a car alarm goes off, interrupting the filming before he can answer the first question asked of him. This interruption causes him to ponder and worry – what would a film about his life be like? Could it ever really reflect who he is? What if there are parts of his story he doesn’t want to share? What if his story isn’t interesting enough? His imagination takes him – and the audience – down a rabbit hole and on a journey as he becomes a ghost visiting his own life, with all his hopes, his fears, his triumphs and his failures. We see glimpses of moments from his past, his present and future. What emerges is a humorous, experimental and original take on the power of storytelling, music and documentary filmmaking.


In a world where everything is for sale; how would you sell yourself and more importantly, should you? (McCann) employs the best and most engaging aspects of experimental films in a way that is challenging but also very funny and lyrical. Some cuts feel like punchlines, while others work as mini-cliffhangers.