Bunch Of Cults film club bring you a unique audio/visual experience. A double-bill of film scored live for your viewing pleasure.

First up ‘Road Dreams’. Originally screened on Channel 4, this is an incredible snapshot of America in a time of cultural upheaval and through the eye of a filmmaker making the ultimate journey of self- discovery. This 2 episode/50 minute film will be scored by Palookaville/ Sh*t Disco/Disgraceland DJ Joe Lindsay.

The main attraction of the evening will really be unmissable. One of the greatest turntablists this country has ever produced, Chris Caul (Dusty Fingers) sold out two shows at the QFT scoring F W Murnau’s ‘Nosferatu’. Now he turns his hand to Gustav Deutsch’s ‘Film Ist’.

‘Film ist.’ consists almost entirely of excerpts from various scientific films. This footage shows the flight of pigeons, intelligence test performed on apes, upside-down worlds and stereoscopic vision, hurricanes and effect of shock waves. How glass breaks, how small children walk and a Mercedes crashing into a brick wall in slow motion.

Imagine what Chris Caul will do with this. You lucky people.