A married, middle-class London couple are shocked when they seem to have been blessed - or cursed - with an immaculate conception, in the provocative second feature by award-winning British playwright Debbie Tucker Green

Jackie is expecting her second child but the math doesn’t quite add up. It’s been months since she last slept with her husband Mark, so she knows it can’t be his. But, perplexingly, she also knows she hasn’t been with anyone else.

Green spins this conceit into a social-realist family portrait grounded in the textures and off-handed banter of everyday life. She directs the proceedings with stylistic sophistication and a subtlety that borders on the oblique.

Bolstered by the outstanding performances of Nadine Marshall and Idris Elba, ‘Second Coming’ is a provocative, allegorically loaded conversation-starter that you won’t soon forget.