Blood spills on an immaculate shadowy landscape in this visually stunning martial arts thriller from Chinese master Zhang Yimou.

The director’s reimagining of the classic Three Kingdoms – Jingzhou epic, this action-drama tells the story of a powerful king and his people who have been displaced from their homeland and long to win it back.

The king is wild and ambitious, but his motives and methods are mysterious. His great general is a visionary who desires nothing more than to win the ultimate battle, but needs to lay his plans in secret.


For his latest Wuxia spectacular, Zhang Yimou collaborates with House of Flying Daggers cinematographer Zhao Xiaoding to create a mind-blowing visual design that revolutionises the colour palette, using water, calligraphy and constant reference to the yin yang symbol. Court intrigue, assassinations and shady motivations abound, and audiences can expect jaw-dropping combat.
Shadow is a sumptuous sensory feast filled with spectacle, surprise, and madness