Michael Reich’s certifiably demented debut is the tale of Hollywood dog groomer/video artist Michael Pinkney harbouring big-screen ambitions: an all-cat remake of Carrie.

Berated by his best friend and mortified by the plague of rats that’s been visited on his squalid apartment, Michael habitually drifts from his disintegrating reality into a fever dream that mimics his garish, lo-fi video work. (Be sure to bring a hanky as you may very well experience some occasional bleeding from the eyes.) When Cora (Sonja Kinski) walks into his dog salon one day, Michael suddenly dares to dream that life might offer more than trimming terriers’ nails. But while he may’ve found someone who’ll take his story of ‘Howard the Duck’-inspired sexual confusion in stride, it doesn’t mean that his odyssey won’t veer into still more surreal territory.

A must-see piece of alt-comedy weirdness… a film informed by a dirty VHS aesthetic, filled with surreal humour that’s not there by accident… A deceptively intelligent movie driven by pitch-perfect outsider comedy, and a surprisingly emotional ride through a series of everyday tragedies writ large. It’s funny and confounding and adorable and gross all at once… ANDREW TODD, BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH

An instant cult classic. JUSTINE SMITH, VICE