Shorts Competition Programme 3, supported by Doubleband Films.

For over 50 years Roy Spence has been making low or no budget films in rural Northern Ireland; with subjects including leprechauns, aliens, fifties rock ‘n’ rollers and the undead. It Came From Comber gives an honest and revealing account of Roy’s problems, techniques, solutions and successes in low budget film making.

Duration: 20 mins
Director: Michael MacBroom

When the extraordinary twins Shay and Finn are born, a couple’s world is turned upside down. Life has dealt them the ultimate hand and their love for each other struggles to hang on.

Duration: 20 mins
Director: Donal Moloney

Becoming Cherrie is a documentary about living with HIV in Northern Ireland. The film tells the story of actor and performer Matthew Cavan, aka Belfast’s most-loved drag artists, Cherrie Ontop.

Duration: 11 mins
Director: Nicky Larkin

Exploring residue, trauma and memory through the eyes of two best friends and their shared identities. Billy and Willy guide us through their world of Jazz.

Duration: 12 mins
Directors: Michael Barwise & Sean Mullan

Dalymount Park, the former home of Irish Football, now half condemned and ready to be demolished, plays host to the Dublin Derby between Bohemian F.C. and Shamrock Rovers. The resulting spectacle, an unlikely synthesis of embattled fans, bad weather and intense rivalry shows that the experience of watching local football can compete, and in many ways surpass the hyper commercialisation and sanitisation of football in any of the world’s major leagues today.

Duration: 19 mins
Director: David Knox