Some might say cinema in 2017 was a 'disastrophe’. So be kind, rewind and remind yourself of the cinematic gems remade by the Skyway Club.

For almost 10 years, the Skyway Club has worked with Belfast film maker, Michael McNulty, recreating iconic moments from the silver screen.
On a shoestring budget, they have condensed a few of our favourite flicks into quirky, tongue-in-cheek bursts of enjoyment for your entertainment. Take a seat and binge on 10 classic films squeezed into an hour of romance, comedy, thriller, action and no refunds!

The Skyway Club is a vibrant and creative group of adults with learning disabilities. We are actively involved in a range of projects, from arts and crafts to music and movies, or just chillin with a cuppa: There’s something for everyone! The club is a charity, run by and with the members.