It’s hard to find a Lebanese documentary that doesn’t touch on the country’s bloody civil war, yet it’ll be even harder to find one better than “Sleepless Nights.”

Eliane Raheb’s film exposes the concept of clemency without justice as a mask that protects the perpetrators and leaves survivors with festering wounds.

Sleepless Nights is a deeply moving documentary about reconciliation and justice in the Lebanon, bringing two people together whose lives have been changed forever by the civil war. Assaad Shaftari, is a former intelligence officer in the Lebanese Forces, who feels guilt for his bloody acts during the war and Maryam Saidi is a mother who is still searching for her son, a communist fighter who disappeared in 1982. The war ended in 1991 with an amnesty for political crimes. Sleepless Nights interrogates the legacy of this decision from both sides.