Come scratch and sniff our third annual display of stained and streaked cinema gussets. Nine nasty nuggets of netherwear gnarl fished from the sweaty sportsbags of the world’s finest young film makers.

Compiled by Belfast Film Festival, this is another quality compendium of weird and off kilter contemporary short films in the Ulster Hall’s own licensed Movie Bar.
With adult themes and answers to such time worn questions as, “Does Your Boyfriend Deserve A Dead Tree Through The Chest?”, “What Should I Do When My Own Television Set Attacks Me?” and “Do I Really Need Two Eyes Anyway?””

  • The Dark – Justin Lange
  • The Trap – Alberto Lopez
  • Carcass – Maxim Stollenwerk
  • Perpetuum Immobile – Marc Marti
  • Happy B-Day – Holger Frick
  • How Olin Lost His Eye – Damian McCarthy
  • The Last Video Store – Cody Kennedy / Tim Rutherford
  • Perfect Drug – Toon Aerts