Pursued by black market traders who seek the priceless artefact for themselves, as well as two brothers seeking vengeance for the long-ago death of their father, Taibei's journey will be a long and difficult one - even before it is thrown off course by strange, mystical events.

Soul on a String has a modern Chinese epic feel, but has a quirky individuality that harks back to a time when Chinese and Hong Kong films had their own style, and not the mass-produced feel of so many of today’s Hollywood tentpole films.
San Francisco Chronicle
Chinese director Zhang Yang eschews the thrill of propulsive duels for a discursive allegorical approach, serving up picturesque visuals, highland-dry humor, and karmic plot twists.

This programme is supported by Film Hub NI. Part of the Belfast Film Festival young programmers project in association with QFT.

This season was selected and curated by Peize Li. A former graduate of Queens University, Belfast.  Peize Li’s Theme was diversity of Chinese Cinema and Minority Groups in China. She writes:  ‘There are the 56 ethnic groups in China. The diverse stories of different ethnic groups on screen contributes to the diversity of Chinese cinema. This is a collection that involves classic films and films that tells stories of minority ethnic groups of China. Both the collections of classic Chinese films and films of Chinese minority ethnic group involves films that are made by most prominent Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Generation of Chinese Filmmakers and latest new filmmakers of China.  From the film The Horse Thief made in the year of 1986 to the River Road made in 2014, Chinese film industry and film cultures witnessed massive changes. While the Chinese film industries growing rapidly during these years, the major roles that used to be played by the state-owned studios are now played by different types of producers. In recent years, the films that tell stories about minority ethnic groups are frequently paid attentions by the world-wide audiences.’